Sun Risers Team 2013 – SR IPL 6 Squad

Sun Risers Deccan Chargers, owned by Sun TV network is a Hyderabad based cricket team of the Indian Premiere League. The team had once tasted victory in the second edition of the Indian Premier League that was held in the year of 2009. South Africa had hosted that particular season of the Indian Premiere League. The team won the title under the leadership of the former Australian batsman and wicketkeeper Adam Gilchrist. The present captain of the team is the Sri Lankan wicketkeeper batsman Kumar Sangakkara and the post of vice captain belongs to Australian batsman and part time bowler Cameron White. Darren Lehman is the coach for the Sun Risers Hyderabad team.

News: Deccan Chargers is now Sun Risers!!


The team had faced some problems and had not been a good performer lately.  Former owners of the franchise put the team for sale and declined bid. The bid was won by Sun TV Network.  The team is expected to bring something new to the table this season as they had been practicing with some new strategies and they have also made some little alterations to the roster. The roster looks pretty sharp and some players like JP Duminy, Dale Steyn and Kumar Sanggakkara will have a very important role to play in this season.  The team looks pretty balanced with a couple of all-rounder and quality bowlers and pacers. Therefore, it will be interesting to see how the team performs in the upcoming season. Ishant Sharma who is one of the finest fast bowlers in India is a part of this team and will be playing a crucial role.  The performance of Cameron white along with the young domestic players of India is something the country is waiting to watch. Another important player to watch out for is Rusty Theron, Who can be pretty effective with the ball.

The Sun Risers Hyderabad IPL 2013 Team include

  1. Veer Pratap Singh
  2. Thisara Perera
  3. Thalaivan Sargunam
  4. Sudeep Tyagi
  5. Shikhar Dhawan
  6. Sachin Rana
  7. Quinton de Kock
  8. Parthiv Patel
  9. Nathan McCullum
  10. Kumar Sangakkara
  11. Karan Sharma
  12. Jean-Paul Duminy
  13. Ishant Sharma
  14. Hanuma Vihari
  15. Dwaraka Ravi Teja
  16. Darren Sammy
  17. Dale Steyn
  18. Clint McKay
  19. Chris Lynn
  20. Cameron White
  21. Biplab Samantray
  22. Ashish Reddy
  23. Ankit Sharma
  24. Anand Rajan
  25. Amit Mishra
  26. Akshath Reddy

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  1. Amay kamble says:

    Ganguly is big brand of ipl

  2. Sunrisers will win. When they r going to design jersy

  3. Nasar patel says:

    deccan is back as sunriser hyderabad they wil definetly win win this season their logo is superb jersy wil also rockzzz

  4. Ganguly in team or not.
    pls pick dada in our sun risers team

  5. sunriser needs ganguly to. Will or to lead the matchhhh or just need a senior player sky forget wicket of kp against dd

  6. souurav ganguly to play for sunriser or not?????????????????

  7. no dada is not at all playing ipl dis time but he should play

  8. 2013 win ipl sun riser

  9. A KARTHIK says:

    i think sun risers hyderabad is strong enough to play.But just the problem is our team players are not in form,not all some of they should also get trained and play well.

  10. Amay kamble says:

    Sunrisers need a grate team well as Indian captain.
    So dada is first choice in team requiredment! And sunrisers are not big player in the team,and not good captaincy like sangakara, the team are average,so dada played very important role of that side! So dada big match winner of side.

  11. karam singh says:

    good spin player. take trail and give chance play in team.

  12. shubam sharma says:

    is dada going to play ipl 6 from sunrisers or not..plz pik dada …

  13. i think sunriser hyderabad is not reading this msgs & so their is no use of typing here

  14. says:

    Take jayasuriya and jonathan troot in sunrises to win this ipl

  15. says:

    And also take darren sammy and edwards

  16. sawan gulia says:

    i think that dada will play

  17. comparing the deccan chargers sunrisers will came to the top 7 teams of I P L

  18. vishodhan says:

    sunrisers should take effective players on auction….why deccan chargers loose rohit sharma,ojha@rp singh….i thinh sunrisers need all-rounders…….

  19. naveen reddy says:

    graeme smith should be in for sunrisers.discussions are going on for that

  20. poondla hemanth says:

    I think Delhi will win this ipl.bcause it is the strongest team and my fav

  21. ajin thomas says:

    The price will rise as a sun…. U keep listen the roaring of the tiger.,

  22. we need sunrisers 2 buy sammy ,nannes,rpsingh
    which makes the team more powerfull

  23. Pleeeees pick our dada….we are begging..

  24. i think daredevils will win ipl6, b.coz, D D have stronger n star player like warner, viru, kp, morkel, taylor... says:
  25. jayakrishna says:

    take grame smith and bolinger they are very solid player…and they use ful for sun raisers team….plz took them in fguter also……..plz dont avoid them…………..they are very important players they are more valuble players…….they will good performance to the sunrisers…..this ipl 6 nsunrisers will win noboday canot stop risers……..this time team is having some good all rounder….like darren samy and pererra…………not team something good and balanced ………i hope this team risers ply very well………….i think so………come on guys risers rocks………………..

  26. jayakrishna says:

    plz take grame smith and boulinger …………….dont left them…….and …………try some local plyers in india not in hyderabad players……….i mean in india only…….take some local players…………srikanth sir is good selection for brand ammbassidor……sir plz try to choose some good players sir,,,and make for team some good balance sir………….plz motivate this time ipl 6 titile win sun risers team sir………..plz motive them and remeber to players their responsibulityies plz almost 2 crores people love sunrisers team fans sir…all fans are support this time sunrisers team sir,,………….this time we will win sir……….come on ghuys we will win we are going to rocks………………no boday stop us guys come on ghuys…………..risers risers go…………………………….

  27. new syembole and iwant new captain gretest dada

    • Dada please change your mind and play ipl 6 we need dada otherwise ipl 6 will be bore, if you are there then the 60 days is a festival for dada fans. please play for your fans all these you play for yourself and country, now we need your presense in this ipl 6 as player

  28. Deepak Jangra says:

    If Dada will be in the sunrisers then nobody wont stop sunrisers to win the IPL 6 its my challenge.

  29. Umesh Choudhary says:

    Ma Fav.Deccan Chargers iz back as Sunshine Hyedarabad,i hope the team will win the season..
    But I miss there old jersy n Logo

  30. yes definitely dada will play.. says:
  31. Dear Dada fans, Dada would announce the retirement in IPL.

  32. sri lankan tisara is the player of sun risers

  33. Gr8 to know dat Hyd team will play dis yr in IPL as Sun Risers Hyd.

    They Need MORE support N cheers to win.
    May Hyd team will perform well.
    Good Luck.

  34. First we wanna ecourage all fans to keep supporting our new name , as we have launched a new hyderabadi formula we have mixed up diffrent type of players to take the team long as soon as possible , we have thought much & then we decided that we need to bag a dada in ipl6 edition , we are happy that we are going to play with them , we have signed him on cheapest rate , but we also know that dada is capable to get a good amount of money , so we have decided if we won this tournament then we wil reward them an unexpecteble amount if they succeeded to bring back the trophy in hyderabad . We required more fans to chear our team & to encourage thier confident ,
    So dada”s biggest name wil help us to keep flueting our hyderabadi sunriser flag in bigbash .
    Thanks to all

  35. Rajesh kumar says:

    Csk will win the match …:)

  36. Gautamgoku says:

    Dada wil come sunrises wil bright otherwise else sunrises never bright…. ha ha ha ha

  37. Take malinga for better perfomance

  38. pleas add dada

  39. vivek agarwal says:

    my good wishes to sun rise win this ipl6

  40. salim sheikh says:


  41. ac.shihabudheen says:

    Dada is a player who have most fans in retired player. Dada please play in ipl 6 . You can play very well. Because you are prince of comeback.

  42. pick a new university player like abbas is the new talented person

  43. not a great captain in the team pick hafeez is the leader of u r team


  45. all the best

  46. yes in ipl6 sunrises are win

  47. Veeru i miss u…

  48. Veeru i miss u…come back plz…

  49. Pradip kumar maity(andul) says:

    I want dada.please dada come back.

  50. SUNRISERS HYD have nice plyrs this time like c.white,i sharma,a mishra,and etc
    sooo SUNRISERS will win dlf ipl 6 for sure

  51. hyderabad sunrisers are going 2 win ipl 6

  52. steyn rock
    sun risers rise on and win trophy

  53. bveeraraghava says:

    sun rises we want won the trophy kumar sangakara our dreams are sunrises want to win trophy

  54. bveeraraghava says:

    steyn 4 overs 4 madiens and 2 hatricks this will be in the circket histroy sun rises ROCKzz

  55. Dada:i am watting

  56. kavinavan says:

    mumai indians are going 2 win ipl 6
    ”MUMAI ROKZzz”

  57. kavinavan says:

    MUMBAI INDIANS we want won the trophy tendulkar our dreams are mumbai want to win trophy


  58. rr

  59. rafiksandhi says:

    DADA you r prince of cricket plaese play in ipl6

  60. csk is the winners

  61. Sunriserscamewithpowertowintrophy

  62. Csk win by ipl 2013

  63. harishchowdary says:

    hiiii friends in ipl6 winners is sunrisers
    it’s confrom
    in sunrisers squad wonderful big hitters are there
    like:-perera,duminy,white,sammy,de kcok,dhawan,lyyn
    thatwhay sunrisers will going to winners

  64. abdul kadher says:

    kkr win ipl

  65. prashanth says:

    i hope mumbai indians will win ipl 2013

  66. shivansh says:

    sunrisers will win ipl 6

  67. sainandan says:

    lyon plyingin sun

  68. kambham jyothi says:

    Sunrisers will win in ipl6.Sunrisers song is very nice

  69. Missing Dhawan due to injury is a big blow to sun risers! and Duminy and C.White are not in form….all hopes lie on D.Steyn,I.Sharma,Darren Sammy,

  70. tejveer solanki says:

    dada I m a big fan of u I was listened about u that took reterment from all type of cricket I was shocked plz dada change ur mind and play in ipl 6. I hope will change ur desgn.

  71. choose michael clarke.he is a good player.his role is crucial in the team.

  72. Dear Maran,

    Please select Ganguly in your team, we are all waiting him to lift a trophy this time so give a chance to him… Already srilnakan problems are going in all over tamilnadu you know that…. so please select ganguly and keep sangakara as a player… we luv dada………

  73. Pradeep(kushtagi says:

    P£z take our dada in ipl6 we r the big fans of him

  74. Ashwin kumar says:

    Mr.Maran as u know already about the srilanka prob here in tamil nadu if u were a real tamilan pls don’t make sangakara as ur team captain to save ur team from any contervesy!!
    so pls bring our indian prince DADA to ur side whch wil bring many experince to ur unexperienced team and it wil also bring many fans worldwide for ur team!!!!
    Ganguly is our god!
    he is a king who ruling our heart for years!!
    so if u rope him in ur team then I’m sure ur team will be winning this tournament!!!
    ur team will get more followers from all over india!!
    Dada got fans all over india
    his fan base is more greater then todays indian cricketers like yuvi, viru, Dhoni, etc


  75. If DADA is there ur team reach’s the goal..

  76. now deccan chargers is sun risers .sun risers are going to rise and charge

  77. sayantan dutta says:

    Will the sunrisers sign in dada..????
    Wats d latest update??
    Please some one tell me..
    Pls my nails have finishd..have no more nails
    To benevolently provide the corect and
    Accurate information..pleassee!!urgent!!

  78. Asjad Ansari says:

    my wish is this sun rise hyd will win ipl 6

  79. plz sir bowling department for Dale Steyn,Ishant Sharma,Darren Sammy,Amit Mishra,Ashish Reddy compluosry batting department for Shikhar Dhawan Kumar Sangakkara Dwaraka Ravi Teja Jean-Paul Duminy

  80. i am request plz sir all the best sun risers

  81. varun sai says:

    sunrisers have to win 2013 ipl 6


  83. ankitpatel says:

    is bar deccan chargers hi jitegi . kitne ki sarat?

  84. DADA is there ur team reach’s the goal..

  85. satish gaware says:

    dada jise team me rahega wahi gitega

  86. ravindrapendase says:

    please select dada and let us see the results he will show wih his experience. and sunrisers will be on the top

  87. Abhimanyu Gouda says:

    Shikhar Dhawan, Kumar Sangakkara, Jean-Paul Duminy, Thisara Perera, Cameron White, Ishant Sharma, Biplab Samantray, Amit Mishra, Parthiv Patel, Dwaraka Ravi Teja & Ankit Sharma. This squad is very strong full……………

  88. pls take dada to this ipl only pls without he i dnt like to see ipl pis dada come

  89. i love dada . my humble request to my dr dada pls to this ipl for any team as player or a captian

  90. pls play this ipl for your lovable fans pls pls pls dada pls

  91. ashish das says:

    please …please……..please take dada in your team………he is a great player. try for this season. lots of fan wait for that…………..

  92. Raj kumar says:

    Please come back “DaDa”

  93. I think this team is dull but they gud at plyng nd winning de games…., go on sunrisers just rise up …..!

  94. mumbai will win for sachin… .the don

  95. sunrisers wiill take the cup and the other teams will show off their mouths

  96. pada pada sunriserrrrrrrrrssssssssssssss!

  97. ashish das says:

    dear sunrisers management……..please think about dada because your team is not so need a good indian player……i think dada is batter player then other which you have in your team yet now

  98. Sandip gaire says:

    When Gayle bats, players should go out of studium to catch the ball.

  99. it is not srh it is rcb

  100. Srh bowlers are in a great form,they will help srh win the tournament…
    Although there has been a problem for srh in its batting,with shikhar dhawan returning I think now there is hope for winning this ipl6…
    All the best sunrisers…

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